Резбарство дел 1

For English click here   Резбарството е уметност која раскажува приказни со векови. Секој посветен момент, секој потег со длетото во создавањето на оваа уметност има свое значење. Исполнето со љубов и емоции низ рацете на  резбарот, секое парче дрво оживува и ни кажува колку е важно наследството. Не само што убавината на дрворезите ќе… Read More Резбарство дел 1

Avocado 2

After writing my post Avocado yesterday, this morning I noticed something strange. Don’t worry everything is fine with the avocado tree, but something started happening to the other avocado seed in the same pot. It started to grow!!! What a surprise, especially because  there was nothing when I wrote the post yesterday. Here are some photos: I’m… Read More Avocado 2


I am so proud to share with you these photos… of my avocado tree. The interesting thing is that I’ve tried many times to grow an avocado tree from seed by the very known procedure fastened with hamsters in glass full of water, waiting for the roots to come out, but it was never really… Read More Avocado